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Individual Disc Program

Get a unique profile and more knowledge about you as an employee!

The individual DISC training helps you and the place you work to discover your natural behavioral style and communication preference and to use it effectively. DISC stands for Dominant, Influence, Stable and Conscientious. The relationship between these 4 behavioral styles determines the unique profile of you and possibly your team members.

Do you emphasize in your work on achieving results, on cooperation, relationships, quality, accuracy, reliability, or something else? Are you withdrawn, straightforward, or contemplative? And are you good at the big picture, in details, enthusiasm, do you like to take your time for things, do you find it annoying to make mistakes, or do you experience pressure?

By getting started with completing the profile, you not only receive a document but also the tools to grow as a professional in your organization.


You know yourself, you can manage expectations better, and you learn to work in a relaxed manner/lead colleagues with a different behavioral and communication style.

This includes:

DISC combination analysis of behavior and motives.
Two follow-up interviews of 1.5 hours.

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  • Max participants: 1
  • Location: Sittard
  • Price: 850
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