Own, but not alone

Everything starts with your own PIT. I am firmly convinced of that. I believe it starts with your core to connect and work together from there as a group. 

For teams, citizen initiatives and community projects that are looking for connection and sustainability, i offer project coordination in wich i focus on experiencing the connection, safety or the potential of a team or group by being active outside.

In this way we work from the inside out on a sustainable world, organization or neighborhood for everyone.

A world driven by PIT!

Pit Nation

PIT Nation

To make sure everyone counts, we focus on three points:

  • We connect

Through projects we bring citizens, municipalities and organizations together. The aim is to create more cooperation on the needs of citizens. We ensure that citizens are seen as important partners in community projects.

  • We stand for sustainability

We contribute to sustainability by initiating and supporting Eco-villages, tiny houses, co-housing, transition towns and other community initiatives.

  • We strengthen

We empower individuals and groups through experiential learning, team coaching and the CLIPS model. An initiative stands or falls by professional guidance in group formations.

Program Highlight

Pit Nation Program

Individual Disc Program

Work from the inside out and get to your core by gifting yourself the DISC trajectory!

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